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A neighbor refers to one’s fellow human being, a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward others or used as a friendly greeting to a stranger. We believe in developing a close relationship with people and our environments for the betterment of working and living in the global community.

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Our mission is to work closely with niche clients to create unique brand experiences, and project the desirability of products and services to the intended audience. We believe in pushing boundaries to achieve memorable and effective results in today’s saturated environment. The emotional appeal of our works connect people in a way that goes beyond the tangible. With our wealth of knowledge, capabilities and proven approach, NEIGHBOR is your ideal creative partner in your strategic endeavour.


NEIGHBOR is one of the key agencies in Singapore that specialises in developing and servicing premium brands. We possess the varied expertise needed to project the desirability of our clients’ products and services. This is essential in achieving the right brand image and superiority over your competitors. With our experience in this arena, we are in the best position to differentiate your brand from the rest.


We are a consolidated expertise of Branding, Advertising and Design professionals with 30 years of industry experience and our pool of reputable clientele is a testimonial of our track record. We are backed by success stories in the development of branding, design and advertising campaigns for iconic brands such as Singapore Airlines, Porsche, Nike Timing, Franck Muller, Royal Selangor to name a few.


We strongly believe in helping clients achieve their business objectives. NEIGHBOR stands apart from others with the skills, experience and know-hows in the amalgamation of branding, design and advertising systems. This results in a far more effective branding system that is developed with a strong design foundation and marketed with the understanding of advertising principles. Likewise, our design and advertising principles strengthen our clients’ brand values when they are executed with branding intelligence.


NEIGHBOR’s research is intensive and in-depth, this might include the latest trends, international forecast, new media analysis, surveys and interviews. Such thorough research helps us to understand and deliver results that speaks to the mind and hearts of the target audience. Our creative approach was also designed to cut through the clutter by taking into consideration the media environment.


Unlike most agencies where the creative team is isolated from the client, NEIGHBOR, both the Account and Creative Teams (including directors), will be working closely with clients in meeting all objectives. NEIGHBOR also provides all the services required for this project in-house to bring you tighter integration in the execution of the deliverables.


We believe in providing additional value by going the extra mile and effort, taking care of your business like it’s our own. NEIGHBOR believes in working with the client’s budget & needs to provide best possible solutions. Very often, we also provide limited marcom support to clients with stretched resources.


We have experience in brand and identity development across diverse industries which enables us to offer fresh perspectives, cross-platform integration and out-of-the-box ideas to position your brand uniquely. A factor that helps to inject your brand with excitement and foster brand preference amongst audience, enthusiasts and potential business partners.

Core Team

Shaun hopes to stay in a glass hotel at the Antarctica one day.

Founder & Creative Director

As the award-winning creative director and founder of NEIGHBOR, Shaun has 3 decades of creative experience and exposure. He has spearheaded local and overseas campaigns that are highly-acclaimed and left an indelible mark in the minds of the public. Leading a globally-minded team of creatives, he believes that effective work comes from the synergistic application of 3 disciplines in his integrated creative agency: branding, advertising and design. His flair for style and innovative ideas later plays a key factor for NEIGHBOR’s involvement in the creative and marketing strategies for esteemed clients in the international luxury sector. As a certified Practising Management Consultant and a creative who understands business, Shaun consults and advises clients’ senior management teams including CEOs, Managing Directors and owners, auditing their companies and thus solving business problems, paving the way for company growth.

Writing, travelling and culinary creations are Annette's passions.

Senior Editorial Partner

Annette’s experience spans numerous genres, reflecting her versatility when it comes to writing well. In her 29 years of writing experience, she has helmed lifestyle magazines such as BBC GoodFood Asia, Luxury, Food & Travel, Revolution, 24/7, East and continues to serve as the managing editor of SC magazine, a position she has held for the last 13 years. She was also a popular columnist for The New Paper (Sexless In The City, 2004 to 2006), FHM (Dr Suzie, 2001 to 2005) and Maxim Singapore (She Says, 2004 to 2006). Additionally, she has lent her talents to commercial copywriting for numerous brand names including Guerlain, Country Road, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Philips Home Appliances, Samsung, Agnes B, SingTel, Tangs, the Australian Tourism Commission and SC Global Developments to name a few. Annette is the author of Savour Chinatown: Memories, Stories and Recipes, as well as the co-author of Morocco Chic, Spa Style Asia and Thailand Chic.

Pavi sees life as a horse ride, blending strength with grace.

Account Executive

Holding an Upper Second-Class Honours degree in Fashion Marketing and Branding, Pavi brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to the table. Her expertise in client collaboration, project management and creative direction allows her to excel in both digital and traditional media campaigns. In her previous role as a Creative Director and Producer, Pavi adeptly guided production teams and fostered clear communication with clients. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed organisations such as Workforce Singapore, Singapore Kindness Movement and Singapore Police Force, underscoring her expertise in the field. With a knack for steering projects from inception to completion, Pavi effortlessly navigates the realms of creativity and strategy, embodying the spirit of success both in the boardroom and in the saddle.

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