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A neighbor refers to one’s fellow human being, a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward others or used as a friendly greeting to a stranger. We believe in developing a close relationship with people and our environments for the betterment of working and living in the global community.

“With the establishment of Dream International Holdings, we have expanded our portfolio into the rest of Asia with Singapore as the first pillar. Neighbor was appointed to be our branding partner; they helped to review our positioning and had re-created our identity to better meet our business objectives and brand vision. Within a tight schedule and in the context of a stringent regulatory structure put in place by the government, Shaun and his team had successfully delivered an integrated brand strategy on multiple levels, from our clinic persona, corporate identity, website development to marketing endeavours.

They have the X-factor in creating an ideal brand vision and making it a reality, even in premium and niche sectors like ours. As a result of our work, Dream Plastic Surgery is currently the leading Plastic Surgical Establishment in Singapore.”

Associate Professor Dr Vincent Yeow
Medical Director