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A neighbor refers to one’s fellow human being, a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward others or used as a friendly greeting to a stranger. We believe in developing a close relationship with people and our environments for the betterment of working and living in the global community.

“I have worked with a number of brand consultants in my career creating and building some of the most groundbreaking hotel brands in the region and NEIGHBOR is the best by far. Bay Hotels & Resorts are created ground up with the objective to be an international hospitality brand from Singapore. Our careful selection of a suitable branding partner, therefore, has to fulfil a plethora of criteria, namely branding and strategic prowess, marketing capabilities and hospitality knowledge. NEIGHBOR has delivered on all fronts and we have been working together since the inception of Bay Hotel Singapore to ensure we are constantly at a position of brand success as we continue to build and expand our presence in Asia.”

Philip Cyril Raj
Group General Manager