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A neighbor refers to one’s fellow human being, a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward others or used as a friendly greeting to a stranger. We believe in developing a close relationship with people and our environments for the betterment of working and living in the global community.

“When we came to be acquainted with NEIGHBOR, we were struck by their strong sense of aesthetics and above all, their ability in using branding to drive business objectives. They created a branding system for Craft that sets us apart from other players in an industry where branding output typically fall on two ends of the spectrum: corporate and traditional, or irreverence for irreverence’s sake. As an agency that has its roots in hospitality and lifestyle, Craft’s branding appeals to a very good clientele of communications professionals, business owners and stakeholders.

Our logo in particular emphasises the play of angles and story angles in the business of public relations and this motif is consistently applied in our brand. The result is an identity that fuses character and professionalism in a contemporary manner. Having grown from Singapore to Shanghai, we are appreciative of how far NEIGHBOR has taken us. NEIGHBOR lives up to its name – your friend next door who gets you and is a literal extension of your marketing team – and much, much more.”

Dennis She